Immigration Services for Visa

As the best Canada Immigration consultancy ( Dream Destination Canada ) company, even if you are sure that we deliver what we pledge for. We strongly believe in raw honesty and commitment to our respected customers and our actions are driven by this philosophy. We at Dream Destination Canada, are ready to receive the best available permit solutions at every step of your immigration dream, from the moment you decide to shift, eventually, you will have to land in the desired immigration hotspot. As far as having a positive and progressive approach to help our customers is concerned, they look very impressive. To learn more about what we really offer (and can), and how we can really help you realize your exotic dreams, Please take a look:

1. Eligibility/Requirements –

Every permit process requires you to meet the eligibility conditions given, as these usually cover your age, educational skills, financial status, related background facts/data. Our permit specialists thoroughly scrutinize your profile against the selected selection conditions of your preferred immigration hotspot. This pre-evaluation / profile evaluation is done at no charge.

2. Permit Consulting -

Our highly experienced and well-qualified visa professionals engage their clients directly so that their special needs can be positively addressed. Therefore, there is no fixed and fit-all in every visa immigration case. Post a systematic examination of your specific situation. Situational, ready-to-order solutions are recommended.

3. Documentation -

Offering incomplete information or papers can lead to long delays, or, at certain times, even refinance outright permits. We at Dream Destination Canada, have an excellent team of competent experts, looking at the credential requirements that can be applied in the particular visa regime of your destination. We do everything necessary for you, from filling the visa immigration form to the inclusion of mandatory supporting papers/documents.

4. Through business investor schemes-

When you present your case, permits can play a decisive role in favoring the case. You can rest assured that we have innovative, highly experienced and qualified global business experts immigration experts who can guide you accordingly. These professionals are well aware of the conditions to be met. We specialize in achieving successful, successful and effective business plans that are bound to get the green signal from the respective organizations.

5. Post-Landing Help Support -

Optimization and adjustment to a new land can be some sort of a challenge, so when you don't know anyone there. But if you are our customer, you don't have to worry! Even as we couldn't really exist at your chosen immigration location, we are always there for you through our quality aftermarket landing services, as these help you well and comfortably they live.

6. We have a wide network-

Offices and branches in major countries in world which is well equipped with dedicated and experienced staff. Our professional lawyer is equipped with all the information related to immigration, which is available to you at all times, that you are always ready to have any problem with how immigration happens between two countries.

You can contact us in phases or even hand us over for a full cycle of your visa service.

Even if you want more information about immigration, you can write an email to and one of the most experienced immigration advisors will be in touch with you so that you can know about your questions and concerns. Or you can choose to call us. +1 -800-795-1352

We offer comprehensive services for Canadian Immigration. Our team of professionals ensures that we don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to complete immigration support. We exactly know how important it is to you. We offer wide-ranging immigration support. Whereas, we also ensure that it is always customized and tailor-made support as per your requirements. All services provided are delivered in accordance with the ICCRC code of conduct.

For Permanent Resident:

Aiming at a successful Immigration to Canada, we first need to check if the applicant is eligible for the process or not. A detailed PCE is performed before taking any customer on board. It is reviewed by RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Advisor) and analyzed in the context of 60+ immigration. Thereafter, the basis of the results we take your application ahead in-process and apply for the most suitable and relevant immigration program.

Payment of USD 400 which is made by the client for PCE requirement. The results of PCE (Profile Competency Evaluation) are being sent to the client’s personal email address in 5-7 business days. The PCE (Profile Competency Evaluation) report comes in the form of detailed document which contains the evaluation results and recommendations as per the review is done by Regulated Canadian Immigration ConsultantMr. Paul Abraham . You are qualified by the RCIC, this report will show.