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Services and Fees

We offer comprehensive services for Canadian Immigration. Our team of professionals ensures that we don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to a complete immigration support. We exactly know, how important it is to you.

We offer a wide-ranging immigration support. Whereas, we also ensure that it is always a customized and tailor-made support as per your requirements.

All services provided are delivered in accordance with ICCRC code of conduct. As such, we provide a detailed retainer agreement where fees and services are clearly stated. A client will not pay more than the fees stated in the retainer agreement, even if the work load proves to be larger than anticipated.

1. For Permanent Residency:

Aiming at a successful Immigration to Canada, we first need to check if the applicant is eligible for the process or not. Therefore, we do a detailed PCE (Profile Competency Evaluation) before we take our clients onboard. The PCE (Profile Competency Evaluation) ensures that the applicant's profile is reviewed by the RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) and competency is being analysed with reference to all available 60+ immigration programs. Thereafter, basis the results we take your application ahead in process and apply for the most suitable and relevant immigration program.

PCE (Profile Competency Evaluation) requires a payment of USD 400 to be made by the client. The results of PCE (Profile Competency Evaluation) are being sent to the client’s personal email address in 5-7 business days. The PCE (Profile Competency Evaluation) report comes in the form of a 20-page detailed document which contains the evaluation results and recommendations as per the review done by Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Mr. Paul Abraham. This report clearly shows the programs you qualify for and the special recommendations by the RCIC over your profile.

Once confirmed, that the applicant’s profile carries a reasonable chance of success. We then move to the first step of application.

a. Express Entry – (EE Pool)- USD 1,000

We create the best possible verifiable profile, guide you through all requirements and ensure a smooth placement in the EE pool. Once placed, we monitor for regulatory or policy changes and alert you without delay, perform updates, and advise of any provincial nomination opportunities that may arise.

This is a necessary first step in the immigration process.

It should be noted that:
  • Entry into the EE pool does not guarantee that you will be selected for immigration over the one-year period that you are active in the pool.
  • We do not sign any person on as a client unless we are certain there is a reasonable chance of success.

b. Application for Permanent Residence - APR - USD 2000-4000

(Half up front and half at the end of the process. Canadian government processing fees of CAD 550 per adult and CAD 150 per child, as well as landing fees of CAD 980 per family also apply)

We manage all aspects of this process including the forms and documents, case creation, milestone navigation, interview preparation, special issue advice and communications with the government.

Rest Assured that you are in the safest possible hands. As mentioned earlier, we will only take you on board with us, if your profile has a reasonable chance of a successful Permanent Residency in Canada.

Our RCIC reviews the candidature and helps the applicants with the precise pattern in which the information is to be presented for a positive result.

Fee for this step may vary between $2000 USD to $4000 USD.

2. Student Visa:

For both the ways to immigrate (Permanent Residency and Study Visa Application), we do a thorough process specific Profile Evaluation as per the credentials shared by you.

a. Profile Competency Evaluation (PCE) – USD 400:

The fee in this case is same as PR PCE i.e USD 400. The Client would receive a detailed report which would state the list of colleges along with the tuition fee of all so that you may decide your course of action and select the colleges of your choice. It would also carry the details of the documents required for the further two steps i.e obtaining a Letter of Acceptance from the college or university and filing the application for Student Visa. In this step we also help you in getting a Letter of Acceptance from the college of your choice from the recommendations laid down by the RCIC in your Evaluation Report.

b. Student Visa Application (SV Application) – USD 1000:

In this step we optimize your profile in a manner which maximizes your chances for clearing the hurdles for successfully getting a Study Visa. This step involves a thorough knowledge of the Federal laws and regulations. The RCIC builds your profile in a way that there are least or no probabilities of a visa denial. After enhancing your profile, we register and finally submit your Application of Student Visa to the Canadian Government. In a span of 45 days to 4 months you finally receive the Visa approval.