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How It Works

1- Permanent Residency

Canadian Government has made more than 60 different immigration programs available for different types of profile applications. Selecting the most appropriate one for you, will multiply the chances of your profile being selected successfully for Canadian Immigration. It would require us to do a detailed study of your profile. Basis the study we will be able to match your profile with the best available immigration program. This Profile Competency Evaluation Report ensures that we choose the correct program to apply with and get positive results for all our customers.

This profile evaluation is done by our RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) Mr. Paul Abraham and his team from our Head Office in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The Profile Competency Evaluation(PCE) will require you to pay a one-time non-refundable fee of USD 400.

For any query or doubts, our RCIC Mr. Paul Abraham can also be reached directly at:

Please Note: We will sign you up as a client with us, only if we see a reasonable chance of success for your Immigration Profile. In case, any profile doesn’t qualify, we will still guide you the areas to improve on and how to reach a better score for a successful Immigration.

Step 1

Basis the Profile Evaluation Report, a dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to you to support, guide and assist you through the entire Immigration process. He will also discuss with you in detail, all available Immigration options you qualify for and recommend you the best programs to apply with, as per the CE report. If your profile scores are found meeting the requirements and you choose to Sign-up with us, we will send you a contract and legal authorization form to be filled and signed by you to start the process followed by the first part of our consultation fee of $1000 USD.

Step 2

After getting the Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the Canadian Government, we file your Application for Permanent Residency (APR). A strong profile in the Express Entry Pool creates more chances for getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the Canadian Government. Once you get it, we create and manage all the aspects of the process including the forms and documents, Case Creation, Milestone Navigation, Interview Preparation, Special Issue Advice and Communications with the Government. We Are With You Throughout the Entire Process. Fee for this step may vary between $2000 USD to $4000 USD.

2- Study to Immigrate

Do you wish that you or your progeny gets the world’s best education system in the world? If yes, then your wish can be granted by moving to Canada on a Student Visa.

Canada currently possesses the best educational structure which you or your child may use as a stepping stone to excel in career. You would be glad to know that Canada ranks as number 1 country for the quality of life but having said that what is the reason behind it being number 1 for the standards of living? The answer is the progressive and the educationally cultivated society it has.

The universities and colleges in Canada are producing such minds which have nurtured the country to set innumerable benchmarks on international map, be it by providing the world’s best employment opportunities or the number of ways not just to sustain oneself but also to carve out future for their heirs. In Canada, one can receive an internationally recognized education from some of the top educators and academicians in the world.The foreign student tuition rate is significantly lower for Canadian universities even though the prestige of the universities remains comparable to USA universities at all levels, including the ivy league.

We at Dream Destination Canada have an outreach to the best colleges and universities of Canada and USA. This gives your student visa application an upper hand since we make it easier for you to get a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) from the university or college of your choice. Your application for Student Visa would be completed in 3 steps:

  • a. Getting the Letter of Acceptance from the University/College: Availing the Letter of Acceptance from the university or college is the most important document for Your Student Visa Application. Since this is the first document that you would need for filing your application. In this step we would do a thorough assessment of your profile to find out the list of colleges in Canada which are best suited to you as per your profile and finances available. Since we have the reach to nearly all the institutions in Canada and USA hence, we have a success rate of 95% at all times, in getting you a Letter of Acceptance.

    To make this happen the RCIC does a detailed analysis of your profile and prepares an Evaluation Report. Since every College and University has a different eligibility criterion in Canada and USA hence this report would carry the list of colleges or universities you may apply for studying in Canada. This report would also carry the list of documents that you need according to the assessment done so that we may complete your profile for the next step of filing an application for Student Visa.

  • b. Preparing your profile for the Visa Application: When we have anLoA in hand the next step is optimization of your profile in a way which maximises your chances for clearing the hurdles for successfully getting a Study Visa. This is the most important step in your application since the better your profile sooner you receive the Study Visa. We at Dream Destination Canada under the supervision of the RCIC optimize your profile so that there are no stones left unturned and your application for the Study Visa is complete and best in all respects.

  • c. Applying for Study Visa: This step is the compilation of all the previous steps and would require your optimised profile along with the LoA from the university or college you want to study in. This is the most crucial step as it requires a knowledge of the laws and regulations of the immigration policies of Canada and the current intake of the college or the university you want to apply in. This step decides whether you would get a Study Visa or not. Hence this is an expert’s task and who else could be a better expert than the RCIC – Paul Abraham himself.