Q. Age: What should be the minimum and maximum age of the applicant and their family members who want to migrate with applicant?

There is no recommended age for the federal business program. Children of the applicant or spouse or common-law partner who are to be included in the application must be younger than 22 years of age, or older than 22 and attending school full time. Otherwise, the child would not be included on the application.

Q. Express Entry CRS score: How many CRS points should I have to ensure a reasonable chance of receiving the permanent residence visa under the SUV program?

The minimum CRS cut-off issued by the Canadian government for issuing an invitation to apply for permanent residence has ranged over time from 413 to 475. For an applicant under the SUV program, a CRS range of 240 to 270 or higher would offer a reasonable chance of success, given that the additional CRS points of 200 for your senior management position in your new company would be added to your existing CRS score.

Q. Education: What is the minimum education requirement?

There is no education requirement for the program but for Express Entry it is better to have at least a Bachelors degree if not advanced education such as a Masters degree or Doctorate degree. Education, while important, is only one of the components that make up a CRS score. Other factors include age, experience, language proficiency, ties to Canada, and the profile of the spouse or common-law partner, if applicable. Before applying the applicant should have a minimum CRS score in Express Entry of at 240 to 270 or higher.

Q. Work permit rights: What are the work rights of the applicant’s spouse or common-law partner in Canada?

The applicant’s spouse or common-law partner can apply for a work permit either before they enter Canada, or later, after they arrive in Canada.

Q. Type of business: Can I chose the business area or sector?

There is no rule about what specific business can be purchased, invested in or started up, but it is generally a good idea to start or acquire a business that is close or similar to your domain expertise and work experience as a business professional. There exists a preference for businesses that are innovative.

Q. Does my business need to turn a profit in order to qualify?

The business does not have to show profitability. However, the business consultant will assist with the business landscape in Canada which will help the applicant in establishing a successful start up.

Q. What areas of Canada can I choose to open the business?

SUV is a Federal Program and thus foreign nationals can apply to any province in Canada except Quebec.

Q. Can any working people invest in the business?

Any Canadian/Permanent Resident can invest in the business with the foreign national as long as the foreign national owns 51% of the business.

Q. If the investor is involved in more than one business with an individual or partnership will he or she show all businesses?

No, it is not a requirement to show all the other businesses a foreign national is invested in. However, it is part of the ‘case’ that the immigration consultant and business consultant build for the foreign national so it is recommended that the foreign national discloses his/her strong business acumen and business experience including any active investments to show management skill.

Q. Will the investor receive guidance on the rules and regulations of business ownership and living in Canada before applying for the visa?

This is up to the foreign national who is applying under the SUV program. The foreign national will be prepared by the Immigration Consultant and Business Consultant and will have a strong understanding of the business requirements to successfully own and operate the business while in Canada.