Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

The Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program attracts skilled applicants with the potential to contribute to the growth and development of Nova Scotia. It is a well-known program characterized by a comprehensive ranking system that facilitates the admission of candidates through multiple streams. This is something that has boosted the popularity of the NSNP program among highly-qualified professionals.

Apply for NSNP?

Express Entry is the most preferred method of applying for Nova Scotia immigration. Nomination from Nova Scotia province would mean improved CRS score and hence enhanced chances of a PR status to settle in Canada permanently.

Nova Scotia PNP Has Two Categories:

Category 1- It requires a candidate to receive a valid full-time job offer from an employer in Nova Scotia. This category is a bit challenging because most people cannot work outside the province.

Category 2- It is not mandatory to present any job offer, while candidates must demonstrate valid experience on-demand from the province. One can easily apply to get permanent residence.

Eligibility for enrollment under the Nova Scotia Nominee Program:

  • You must be between 18-49 years old
  • Must demonstrate a relevant education or qualification that is comparable to the Canadian education system.
  • Must demonstrate English speaking levels through an approved language test.
  • Must be scheduled to reside and work in Nova Scotia.
  • Must have at least one year of work experience in the relevant professional field.

IELTS Requirements :

To migrate to Nova Scotia knowledge of the English language is must because its widely spoken in Nova Scotia. All applicants should pass IELTS exam and score a minimum CLB7 in all sections for being enrolled.

Nova Scotia PNP points calculator 2021:

The Provincial Nominee Program for Nova Scotia offers promising opportunities for skilled professionals and for Canada Immigration who are passionate to fulfill their desire. Age, education, work experience, IELTS score, and more are considered to be required to determine the CRS score of the candidate.

PNP Without job:

Many people have a question about whether they can actually go to Nova Scotia without a job offer.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program