Q. How long does the process take?

The time consumed for an Immigration process to complete, may vary from program to program. There are many Immigration programs, each program falls under a specific protocol and needs to be worked under some guidelines as directed by government of Canada. But the overall process may take somewhere between 6-18 months.

Q. How many steps are there?

With Dream Destination Canada, it’s a two-step process post the Profile Competency Evaluation.
Step 1: Application for entry in the Express Entry Pool.
Step 2: Application for the Permanent Residency (APR) after getting the Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the Canadian Government.

Q. How long does it take to be accepted to an immigration program?

The time duration to get accepted to an immigration program may vary from program to program, basis the pre-requisites and the application criterion. Some programs may take 6 months while the others may take up to 18 months. Needless to mention, that the process-speed is also dependent on how responsive you are and how fast can you provide the RCIC with the required documentation and complete your personal assignments.

Q. Can I bring my spouse and children with me?

Your spouse and dependent children (under the age of 22) will be included in your application. Children above the age of 22 years will be required to file a separate application.

Q What if I'm not qualified under any immigration program? Will you offer me alternatives?

No, but be assured as we only sign you up with us if you and your profile has a reasonable chance for a successful PR application within the legal framework. So, if you are on board with us, you should qualify. We will guide you on everything which can make your profile stronger. We ourselves will create the strongest possible profile for you in the EE pool to maximize your chances of getting an ITA from the Canadian Government as early as possible.

Q. Do you guarantee success?

There is no 100% guarantee in governmental procedures. Be aware of those who guarantee a success. It is solely up to the government’s discretion whether to approve your application or not. However, the RCICs will use their vast experience to maximize your credentials and give you the best chance possible. Other than maximizing your credibility, the RCIC may recommend your spouse to be the main applicant, assuming he/she can obtain higher score, and/or recommend you submit an application for several immigration programs to increase your chance of being selected.

Q. Is the Language test a mandate?

Yes, a valid IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program Test) or TEF (Test d'évaluation du français) qualifying score is mandatory to apply to the Canadian government. We always recommend that both the main applicant and spouse must attempt this exam in order to increase the candidate's overall score. The needed score will be determined according to the immigration program you have decided to pursue.

Q. Do you guarantee a job?

We do not guarantee a job offer. However, once you will be found eligible and chosen to proceed with the next steps of ITA, the RCIC will instruct you on how to increase your chances to get a job offer from local employer by accessing the Canadian government’s Job Bank. Please be informed, that a valid job offer from Canadian employer could get you to work in Canada as a PR within 6 months only, however we do not provide any assistance in getting a job in Canada.