Express Entry Provincial Nominee Program

PNP program is nominated the applicants' vis EEP is totally operated by Provinces and territories (PTs). It's a totally paper-based process. Read Very carefully this: Nunavut does not have a PNP and Express Entry not managed Quebec’s economic immigration programs. An additional 600 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) will gain by the candidate who receives PT nomination. Actually this is the trigger for the next round which is an invitation to apply (ITA). PTs allow all nominate candidates in the pool by accessing directly the Express Entry Pool. PT administrators' access by Immigration Program Guidance’s (IPG’s) Permanent Resident Program Delivery Division (PRPD) for the portal.

Territorial nominations, Enhanced provincial Vs Base:

  • Outside of Express Entry, Provincial and territorial (PT) is a paper-based program. In this application, the IRCC role doesn't change. further instructions on application processing base nominations deliver the PNP program.
  • Via Express Entry PT increases its annual nomination space. It will take 6 months or less.
  • PT's enhanced nominations once per year and branch of IRCC National Headquarters’ Strategic Policy is to manage.


  • Which applicant uses Express Entry for the PNP is checked by Ministerial Instructions.
  • For design, management, and evaluation of their respective Express Entry stream PTs are totally responsible.
  • To become economically established and nominating PT for applicant ability is assess by PTs to develop nomination criteria.
  • The final decision is taken by IRCC.

Minimum requirements:

  • Nominating jurisdiction validate the nomination PT
  • One of the Express Entry federal immigration programs need requirement to meet
  • A Candidate will be able to see the federal immigration programs for which he or she eligible when submitting their profile.

Province and Territory Nominations via EEP:

Two processes for PTs to nominate in Express Entry:

1) Found inside the Express Entry pool by a candidate-

An applicant who applies in Express Entry Pool is search by PTs. It will search in terms of language levels, education, work experience, PT certificate of qualification, etc. by PTs. Each candidate's Express Entry profile number includes a unique profile number for details about every applicant. Select one, multiple, or all jurisdictions when they are interested in the profile. An applicant whose interests in their jurisdiction are allowed to view by the PT portal.

Notification of interest---

A particular candidate shows their interest through a portal is interested in PTs.
All applicants are must visit the IRCC website to find the PT contact info. PT has Express Entry profile number and Job Seeker Validation Code because Its require by PTs to nominee the applicant through the portal.


Enter the issue date of certificate, nomination certificate number, certificate expires date, the applicant submitted to date by PT. Using the Express Entry profile number and Job Seeker validation code of the desired candidate will be a nominee or ready by PT.
30 days is the time period fro accept or reject through their online account that IRCC has been notified to the applicant. If the application accepted then he will go the next phase which is ITA.

2) Found outside the Express Entry pool by a candidate

Instructs the applicant to submit an Express Entry profile, in this scenario, PT identifies a candidate they feel is suited for their Express Entry PNP stream but who is not yet in the Express Entry pool.
If Nomination is Confirmed- Providing by applicant his or her Express Entry profile number and Job Seeker validation code and meet the MEC( Minimum Entry Criteria ) of the FSTP, the FSWP or the CEC to the PT and it's used by PT for nomination confirmation. PT entered certificate issued date, certificate expires to date and application submitted date
PT confirms the nomination after when applicants notified through their online account and after that ITA is the next phase for an applicant.
Other PTs in the portal do not have the right to view accepted or pending nomination and not allow to issue ITA based on all program which is started by Federal Government of Canada. Whose nomination is accepted only they will be able to apply ITA as a PNP under jurisdiction.

Express Entry Provincial Nominee Program