Canada Provincial Nominee Program:

The Provincial Nominee Program allows Canadian provinces and territories to enroll skilled professional workers who eventually wish to immigrate, eventually settle in Canada and effectively contribute to the local economy in an effective manner. Canadian Provinces and Territories who wish to participate in this practice, Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada ( IRCC )Sign an agreement with. The agreement allows provinces to select applicants based on their needs. The continued impact of The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has made it possible for many provinces and territories to enter into a treaty regarding efficient immigration agreements with special needs for recruitments and capital investment requirements for each immigration area. Therefore many provinces of the nation have acquired their own specific commercial immigration schemes which are focused on motivating trained manpower to settle in these provinces. Each and every province or territory in Canada has its own specific provincial enrollment programs, which are molded to positively meet the specific need of the province or region to attract business persons, investors and/or qualified manpower. The aspirant will require zeroing in the specific Canadian province that it intends to pursue through provincial nominee schemes (as noted below):

  • Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program
  • Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program
  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
  • Alberta Provincial Nominee Program
  • Ontario Provincial Nominee Program
  • Yukon Provincial Nominee Program
  • Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program
  • Nunavut Provincial Nominee Program
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program
  • Nunavut Provincial Nominee Program
  • Prince Edward Island (PEI) Provincial Nominee Program
  • Quebec Provincial Nominee Program
  • Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program
  • Yukon Provincial Nominee Program
Canada Provincial Nominee Program

As a potential aspirant for Maple Leaf Country, you will be given a nomination from the appropriate provincial administration, subject to an employment offer received from a provincial recruiter / job-provider. To be eligible to enter the nation as a provincial nominee, you must submit an application to the respective province or territory through your enrollment course. To obtain the PR state of any explicit Canadian province, you need to obtain an evaluation for your profile by the provincial visa and immigration authorities.

If you have a job confirmation ( Canada Bank Job ) from a provincial employer, be innovative to ensure your application is filed for various approvals from Human Resources Canada and the provincial government and to follow applicable provincial enrollment procedures through the Skilled Migration Scheme Will carry through processes like. It will succeed with proper preparation, and for provincial nominees to submit their petition under the applicable federal procedure. Dream Destination Canada has many years of relevant experience in skilled immigrants and provincial investors or business class applicants.

With a view to presenting the nomination through the Provincial Nominee Program ( PNP ), candidates must be among others: Have received a nomination from a specific Canadian province or territory, and subsequently submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), to obtain the status of Canada, a permanent resident of the country.

Each respective province and territory has its own special nomination guidelines, and it can amend these without any prior notice. Given this, it is important that aspirants check the province's and region's websites for the latest updates.

How to implement Canada PNP:

Once the above criteria are met, you are required to present the PR to the CIC as soon as a province or territory accepts your profile.

Follow these key steps to make your submission for provincial nomination under the Express Entry Pool.

What are the major benefits of applying to the Canada PNP program?

Express Entry vs PNP Canada- Which is the best to implement Canada PR?

Express entry is the most common route that all interested candidates choose for their Canada PR. If a candidate cannot complete the score according to the latest draw, he has another opportunity to obtain permanent residency through the Canada PND program. It is the most convenient method for immigration because it has no numeral regulations and no additional requirements.

Which PNP requires the lowest IELTS score?

Saskatchewan and Manitoba are provinces that do not have any strict rules for language proficiency, in which they accept applications with a minimum CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 4 Dream Destination Canada's PNP professionals would advocate that according to their specific case study, which plan would be best for our clients, thus the best option before them. The CIC clearly states which immigration experts can represent a petition to the body on behalf of their clients. The CIC calls them Approved Agents, even regulated Canadian immigration agents who are good members of the Immigration Advisors of the Regulatory Council of Canada. If you are signing up with an immigration consultant who puts money in a safe place for your professional services, make sure that he or she is certified to represent your case with the CIC and other government bureaus in the nation agent. Dream Destination Canada aims to establish you well in your favored province, nationwide. If you want to settle in Canada and are looking forward to being established in the country, which is also in the province of your choice, send your CV to, or send us your email sooner than later: Fill the fee charge form. It is important to ensure that if you are employing the services of an immigration agent who charges for these services that he is a certified agent and that you have a case with the CIC in addition to other bureaus of the Government of Canada in your case the right to represent.

Canada PR Requirements :

It operates very well as a points-based system in Canada called the Permanent Residence ( PR ) Visa Point System and is renowned worldwide as an express entry system.

Run and manage on the lines of Canada Skill Select under the Express Entry System, there are four easy-to-use economic visa programs available, and they are:

To obtain a PR visa under any of these programs and become a permanent resident in renowned hotspots around the world, you must have eligibility for PR in Canada, meet mandatory Canada PR requirements, and Canada PR visa fees. Payment will also have to be made.

What are the requirements of the Canada PR visa that we are talking about?

We will cover Canada PR requirements under these sub-heads: Age Requirements, Minimum Educational Requirements, Language Qualification Requirements, Minimum Work Experience Requirements, and Adaptation Requirements.

Age requirements:

There is no specific bar on your age and you can apply for a business or investor visa even if you are 65+. But if you are applying to FSWP, and if you are younger, you will naturally have an edge over those who are not young. If you are between 20 and 29, you can provide the maximum comprehensive ranking system (CRS'0 points, ie, 100. However, if you are over 45 years old, you will not get any CRS points.

Minimum Educational Requirements:

Your education should not be less than the equivalent of Canadian secondary school qualification. If you have a higher qualification, then naturally you will steal a march over others, while you are preferred, with people with secondary school qualifications or any other qualifications.

Language Ability Requirements:

You must have language proficiency in either of the two official languages of the country, ie English or French. Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) related Canadian immigration and visa organizations assess English and French language competence for immigration items using Canada's Language Benchmark (CLB) regime. This gives the language ability status for each of the four language abilities to speak, read, write and listen accurately. CLBs range between 1 and 12, with levels 1 to 4 is considered to be 'basic' potential stages, 5 to 8 being considered 'intermediate', and between 9 and 12 being considered 'advanced'.

Canada PR Visa Fee

Currently, the Canada PR visa fee for the main candidate is CAD $ 550 (primary candidate). Needless to say, check with specialist visa and immigration advisors for in-depth information on mandatory Canada immigration visa requirements and also to receive any form of assistance and/or guidance on the subject. Look no further and start your journey today. Send your updated CV to and our specialists will contact you to assist you with your Canada PR visa and settle you in Canada on a permanent residency basis.