Why Canada or Why Immigration To Canada Is Best?

Canada ranks the highest amongst world’s leading immigration destinations. Migrating to a new country in search of job opportunities, raised living standard, better healthcare, etc. can be a little daunting if the host country is unwelcoming socially and culturally. What makes Canada an “Immigration Haven” is it’s multicultural policies and social security to it’s Permanent Residents.

Canada immigration unit has planned for 350,000 admissions as PR from 2019 to 2021. Canada’s high immigration quota remains unaffected even from the blow of recession in the global economy. The immigration rules and regulations of Canada are less stringent than rest of the nations across the globe. Canadian government ensures smooth transition of migrants, by assisting their settlement in Canada, as soon as they enter the status of Permanent Residents.

Skilled people can get an access to Canadian PR quite easy and quick through Express Entry Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Program. The system boasts efficient and on-time processing such that 80% applications are processed in the shortest span of time.

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