Start-up Visa Program

This program is tailored for those who already have an innovative business idea which is either at the early stages or at some point in actual development.

Your idea will be developed by our world class business consultant. Your thinking will be focussed to the point where your idea begins to take shape. At this point, we create the business plan and timeline in the context of the requirements of the designated business organizations in Canada, the Canadian government, and you.

Armed with the necessary business literature, we will seek approval and support from one of the designated business support bodies in Canada. After receiving the proof of support, our immigration consultant will begin the application for permanent residence. In the meantime, both the RCIC and the business consultant will work together to ensure a smooth transition to Canada both in terms of immigration and business start-up.

Am I eligible for the SUV?

In order to be eligible for the Start-up Visa program, you must:

  • Meet the minimum language requirements in English or French Language i.e. Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 or more in all areas (speaking, reading, listening, writing). This is a minimal level of English or French.
  • Have a proof of settlement funds that should be at least CAD 23,000.
  • Have a plan to settle anywhere except Quebec.
  • Pass the security and medical clearances.
  • Have a proof for the business by a designated Canadian Organization.
  • The proof of business meets the ownership requirements.

In addition to the foregoing, the applicant must show the proof of support from one of the designated organizations. These organizations include angel investor groups, business incubators, and capital fund organizations.

How can DDC help me?

While the SUV program is quite complex with many moving parts, we have a unique strength that we bring to the table to maximize your chances of success. We recognize the need to bring together business consulting professionals and immigration consulting professionals who are experienced with a proven track record.

The result is that you benefit from the best of both worlds, ensuring that your case meets and exceeds the requirements of both the business organizations and Canadian government immigration officials.